We are the Champions

Music education is an essential to the musician’s life. We are taught and then we teach those who then go on to teach those who then…you get the picture. As we grow into this role, I think we should consider not just being teachers of music but champions of it.

The people in our life that inspired us to immerse ourselves in music were these champions. They didn’t teach out of respect for the music but out of a love for it. That’s the key difference.I can learn to respect something, sure, but does that mean I’ll give a rat’s ass about it? Probably not.

Cindy can be taught to respect Mozart’s magnificent melodies in class but out of it she’ll brush Mozart off in a second to listen to Taylor Swift, music she loves. But what if the teacher also invites the students in on the passion and beauty in Mozart and approaches him with the fervor of a lover? Then things get interesting. Cindy sees her teacher ablaze and begins to fall for the beauty in Mozart. She gets curious about Mozart and, many nights later, looks into tickets to see The Marriage of Figaro.

Of course this is an exaggeration though my point still stands. Anything worth loving in this world is worth digging into. Respect will only touch the surface. Love delves into depths of wonderment and beauty. That is what the champions of music have made us realize.

As future champions, we have to insist that this isn’t music only worth learning, it’s music worth loving.


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