Asking New Questions

In music, the question we most often ask ourselves is what: what is the repertoire for my instrument, what will I play on my program, what can I arrange for my instrument, what venue will accept my music, what technical facility is needed for this piece, etc.

The question of what is powerful yet not the only one at our disposal. There is also how, where, who, and why. They can lead to fascinating musical decisions. Here are a couple of examples across music of these questions in action:

How…could we teach music to kids in an entertaining way?
Where…could I play where my audience isn’t human?
Who…would play a piece that requires 840 repetitions non stop?
Why…does music have to repeat itself?

Along with what, these kind of questions can lead us places where we haven’t gone musically. But to make the first step into the unknown, we have to be fervent about asking new questions.


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