“Do you live under a rock?!”

“Oh my god, you haven’t heard of [insert band here] before?! Do you live under a rock?! Well, let me tell you…”

How often has this happened to us when someone is introducing a new artist we haven’t heard before? In the rush of his excitement, he can’t believe that you haven’t heard of his favorite band. Since you live under a rock, he’ll now enlighten your simpleton mind to that wonderful band.

Is this the way to introduce someone to music we love? Should we be offended that she hasn’t heard of Brahms or Beck? Will that signify this music’s importance to her? If you have to insult the person before any recommendation, I don’t think they’ll really listen to you or the music you passionately love.

Why not be excited that this person hasn’t listened to that artist you love? Don’t you wish that you could listen to your favorite band for the first time again? That’s the opportunity every person has that hasn’t heard of your cherished artist. What an opportunity! You’ll be esctatic for them, lending them a cd or two to enjoy.

Once people see that your band is worth loving and not worth being an intellectual snob about, then they’ll listen. Well, at least I will.


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