Give it away

For all the hubbub about getting it out there, music can really be an introverted art. We sit on pieces like hens. Our coop is an isolated entity, often taking its form in a practice room or a bedroom. We patiently wait until they’re ready to hatch but in the process smother our work with doubt and nitpicking. The pieces are never ready and therefore we never are.

So what? There comes a time when the pieces have to hatch. The music has to break out of its introverted egg and rattle the eardrum of someone other than yourself. Sometimes the pieces aren’t ready at the time of hatching: a phrase is flubbed in performance class, the recording sounds like it was done in a public bathroom, the band messes up the ending. So what? A baby chick doesn’t walk as soon as it hatches. Why must your music be perfect before it’s shared into the world? Over time, after constantly putting our music out there, we will improve, learning how to walk and then how to fly out of the nest.

The most important thing is getting music out there: putting your music online, going to an open mic, volunteering to play in a performance class, playing your music for friends and family. Even if it’s for one person, that act of letting your music out into the world is a posture changing activity if we can consistently do it (once a week?)

As they say, if you truly love something, give it away.


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