All means Nothing

“What music do you listen to?”

“Me? I listen to all types of music.”

How many times do you hear this? Does that really answer the question? If someone asked you what books you like to read, you wouldn’t say all books, right? Because I’m sure you don’t read microwave manuals along with Jane Austen.

You couldn’t possibly listen to everything. Everything means nothing as far as I’m concerned. It’s too vague and leads us nowhere into understanding another’s musical taste. Any opportunity to learn about a new artist is crushed. The conversation goes elsewhere. So what can we do?

How about flip the question? To go back to books: instead of asking what books you read, we usually ask someone what books has she read recently. How about we ask that with music? “What have you been listening to lately?”

This way, nobody can say “everything”. This way, somebody can get specific about the music he enjoys. This way, everybody has a better chance to connect with each other through music.


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