No Guilty Pleasures

Let’s get rid of the idea of guilty pleasure music. One should never feel guilty about the pleasure music can bring.

This guilt implies a high and low culture mind frame: that one artist is on a higher pedestal compared to another. As if you’ll sincerely lose credibility for liking Taylor Swift along with Bach. As if one genre is superior to another. Give me a break!

I think we spend all our lives understanding what music is to us. At least from my experience I can say…

That music is not a Darwinian competition. No, there’s only music worth loving. This love breaks down barriers of genre, taste, and of high and low culture.

Why be prejudiced against pop music like Katy Perry or avante garde artists like Iannis Xenakis? Why limit yourself to certain genres?

I think loving all kinds of music proudly will only lead to a more fulfilling life as a listener and musician.


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