On Repeat

II: insert music here :II

The repeat sign in music (as seen above) has a lot hiding behind its simple meaning.

Beyond repetition, this sign can mean redemption. If you flub a passage, have no fear. With the repeat you can get it the next time. Your ability to excel is always around the next corner.

Creativity also flourishes under the repeat sign. Each repetition can include a variety of unique artistic decisions. Perhaps you choose to articulate the melody differently than the first time through? Maybe the color of the work becomes more mellow with the repeat? It’s all in your hands.

Repeat signs accentuate detail. Whether listening or performing, one can get a chance to notice eccentricities of a tune that weren’t caught the first time through. It can be rehearing a moment that melts your heart or noticing an odd harmony that catches your ear the second time through. The repeat sign gives you a chance to dig into a piece; get an extra helping for what it’s worth.

It’s always the little things that are like tips of an iceberg of ideas: the period, the number zero, and to join the ranks, the repeat sign.


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