Music is such a vast art full of contribution. One doesn’t just have to make it as a touring band or concert pianist to contribute to the bubbling pot of music. There is so much to do…

Deryck Cooke, a musicologist, took as a project to fully realize Mahler’s unfinished 10th Symphony out of the manuscripts left behind. It was a lot of work. Nobody wanted to do it. Even modern giants like Rachmaninoff and Schoenberg declined such a project. But it took someone passionate enough about Mahler’s music to bring it into the world. After years of painstaking work, we thank Mr. Cooke for his gift.

Anton Corbijn, filmaker and photographer, is responsible for many iconic photos of musicians and bands. He creates photos that resonate with the band’s image. Not only that, but it makes the band want to live up to the image Corbijn captures. Now that’s awesome.

These are just two examples of making an impact without playing a note. Playing music isn’t the only thing that helps music. That is powerful.

Music doesn’t need virtuosos, music needs contributors.


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