Walking a mile in Bach’s shoes

I used to hate Baroque music.

My perception of the Baroque was a marble bust of Bach: cold, old, distant, and stiff music.

But it was after wrapping my mind around and performing a Baroque piece, SL Weiss’ Passacaglia, that I left with a different perception: warm, personal, passionate, and lively music that throbbed with humanity and soul. The marble bust was shattered. It was after playing Weiss’ Passacaglia that I grew interested in Baroque music.

You don’t know someone until you’ve walked in her shoes…can’t the same thing be said about music?

Walk a mile in the shoes of the music that you can’t (under)stand. Really try understand what makes the music tick and sincerely perform it.

Getting to know music from a hands on point of view is one of the most powerful and imperative experiences we can take in as a musician.

So start walking…


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