The Coffee Shop Dilemma

The painter would love to have her canvasses on the wall in the gallery having her own show. But putting them into a coffee shop? Who will look? Who will care?

Let’s flip the story…

The musician would love to have his songs in the venue having his own show. But performing in a coffee shop? Who will listen? Who will care?

There is a certain stigma to this idea of public art: putting your music out for people who might not even give a damn. It is a fear that our passion will amount to only being musical wallpaper, a faint ringing in the ears of the disinterested masses.

The question isn’t are you going to get heard. Of course you will. It might be for a couple seconds but still, someone will hear your music.

No, I think question is whether, in this noisy world, you and your music are going to matter.


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