Gallery of Sounds

When I started delving into the classical music world, the musicians seemed just like an elevated version of a cover band you’d find at a bar. Instead of beer stained flannel they wore tuxedos. Instead of playing for a riled bar crowd they play for concert goers.There’s so much more to it though.

The classical musician is not just a coverer. She’s like a curator. A curator collects and presents art in a way that permeates an idea. That’s what a cellist does when he presents a program of Bach, Brahms, and Britten. He has a reason why he has chosen these composers. He has a reason why he wants to share this music with people.

A recital becomes like a gallery showing. The performer leads you through to examine and soak each and every piece of art. She controls the pacing of your movement through the gallery, what you pay attention to, what you hear, what you get out of it.

That’s a lot of power, power which we need all types of musicians to take.


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