Crowd Surfing in Classical

A crowd surf attempt at a Handel concert? It’s about time something like this happened!

At a punk concert the audience is liberated to move freely. The music is the key which opens the door to moshing and flailing and crowd surfing. The energy and vitality of the music moves people.

What’s the difference between the energy of the hardcore scene and classical scene? The energy of a Beethoven string quartet draws the same fervor out of me as a Bad Brains song.

So why can’t I get out of my seat and writhe out of control in spastic joy to the jubilance of Beethoven? Why is classical music the exception to the freedom of movement found in all other types of concert experience?

Music is music, yes, but people are people: pedestals are erected and high and low culture are cemented into cultural practice.

Music breaks barriers and inhibitions so why must we build them back up again?


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