Bradbury’s Regimen

Writer Ray Bradbury recommends that every writer read at least one poem, one short story, and one essay every day. The goal is that by the end of even a month one’s mind is filled with various ideas that could seep into one’s creative writing.

Could this transition to music somehow? We listen to a lot of new things in our noisy environment. How much of it actually sticks? Pandora is great but how often do we just like one song of an artist and not go any further?

Maybe one could create a regimen: delve deeply into the catalogue of one artist every week? A week might not be enough but it offers more than a taste if we want to delve deeper. Of course this is supplemented with listening to other things, new and familiar, but at least you can really sink your ears into an artist’s work.

And maybe you’ll go about things a different way. Regardless, I think the goal is to fill the mind with music of all types a la Bradbury’s regimen. An in depth knowledge of various music can only benefit us as we go into a playlist world where singles and short attention spans rule.


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