Creating your Family Tree

One doesn’t live up to music. One lives in to music. An artist adopts a family of influences, teachers alive and old whose syllabus is their music alone. This happens when we hear an artist we love. Whether it’s Gyorgy Ligeti or Aphex Twin, they are added to our lineage, our knotted and confusing family tree.

Prolific writer Jorge Luis Borges states that “…each writer creates his precursors. His work modifies our concepion of the past, as it will modify the future”. I think this realization fits beautifully with music.

In music, the past is as malleable as the future. How awesome is that? Classical music doesn’t have to be stale, dusty, set in stone. Perhaps jazz pianist McCoy Tyner is the same music lineage as Robert Schumann. How could we show this strain in the family tree in our performing of Schumann’s compositions?

This idea of lineage creation provokes a lot of questions. That is why I love it! Perhaps these questions will lead to something.


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