Hall of Mirrors

Musicians who play well with others are like mirrors. They are sensitive to those playing through reflecting and magnifying what the others are doing in their own playing.

What’s interesting about a mirror is that it’s the reflection that matters, not the mirror itself, and yet we need the mirror in order to see the reflection.

Perhaps the most communicative musicians are like that: it’s not so much what you play as how you are listening to others and highlighting them. And, to carry the metaphor through, we need these kind of players in order for the ensemble to shine.

Some players expect to see their reflection at someone else’s expense, never wanting to be the mirror. But we need more mirrors. I’ll go even further: every musician should be a mirror.

If everyone is a mirror then everyone reflects each other. Music starts to become some hall of mirrors or a priceless jewel.

Now that is music I want to hear!


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