Long Drive

When we see our peers excelling, booking gigs and excelling at their instruments, it’s easy to get down on ourselves. We wonder how we’ll ever be as good as them.

To do this sulking, however, we have to be stationary. No wonder we think everyone is passing us by. We’re standing still in the midst of our woe.

Instead of that, we have to put the key in the ignition and go! Practice, find gigs, record, whatever really.

The fact is that everyone is on a different journey. Some people start slow, others zip by quickly, some swerve, others stay in a straight line. We can’t worry about where the other cars are, if people passing us or we’re passing them. That’s how road rage sets in, that’s how we wind up on the side of the road in the first place.

A long drive takes patience, especially within music. It is an endless highway where our fuel is limitless. The only limit we have is ourselves. The only way we stop is if we choose to.


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