Embrace the Shipwreck

I forget who said this, but the subtle nuance of this phrase cannot be shared enough: “The guy who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck”.

Mistakes come with making music. We can’t separate performance from slipping up. Failure comes with creating beauty. It’s built into the system of music.

Should we mope about that? No! I say embrace the shipwreck. Encounter it, searh for it, and use it to your advantage. Go as Walt Whitman declares:

“O to struggle against great odds, to meet enemies undaunted!
To be entirely alone with them, to find how much one can stand!
To look strife, torture, prison, popular odium, face to face!
To mount the scaffold, to advance to the muzzles of guns with
perfect nonchalance!
To be indeed a God!”

For behind every outstanding performance are little shipwrecks that led up to it.


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