Safety Nets

When we practice we have a safety net. It’s always there when we fall. “Oh it’s just practice!” we tell ourselves as we slip up and forget where we are. The comfort of that safety net lulls us into a feeling of security as we practice. We’ll just start over and begin again.

Then performance happens.

The safety net is taken away. We have to walk across the wire for real. If we fall we fall with the ground being our destination. If we mess up we mess up with awkward silence and panic being our destination. We can’t just start over or repeat the phrase until we get it. This is for real.

What if we practiced without a net more often? Perhaps it’s not enough just to have a net all the time. Granted it has its purpose, we all need the net, but knowing how the experience of not having a safety net feels like is crucial.

The more we get comfortable with the safety net the more we can be ourselves, the more we can let the art shine.


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