Support System

A lot of the time as musicians we are filled to the brim with self importance: “I need to be heard! Can you guys quiet you parts?” “Can’t you read music? Come on, we’re wasting time!” “He’s not a good guitarist anyway. We shouldn’t have him in the band.” “Can I get a couple more bars of soloing time?”

What’s fascinating, however, is that great music is anything but self indulgent. Music is built on support: symphonies are made beautiful by the whole rather than the few or even the soloists, bands are awesome because of the chemistry of the group more than individual virtuosity, a great piano sonata is built on the performer’s sensitivity and respect for the composer’s work and the composer’s sensitivity and respect for the work around him ad infinitum.

There is not one brick that is of most importance in a house. All the bricks are needed for the house to be a house. Let’s not forget the support we receive and we should give to others as musicians.


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