Make Music, Make Amends

Musicians can get on each other’s nerves. Whether being personal tension or artistic tension, it happens. Whether being projected onto others or kept to yourself, it happens.

It not only happens, it’s inevitable.

When we find ourselves getting angry, annoyed, and picking fights, we should stop and think.

Why did we start becoming friends in the first place? Why did we start a band in the first place? Why did we play shows with each other in the first place?

Because of music. Music destroys boundaries. Music makes connections.

Any tension caused between musicians is not music’s fault. It is projected onto the music and sometimes called “musical differences”. Tension is made up of ego trips and personal vendettas.

Why can’t people rise above themselves and choose music instead? It’s a simple choice.

When we choose music, we’ll find solace. When we check our ego at the door and apologize, we open up the door making more music with this person, to making more art. Only renewed friendship and happiness can come out of that.

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    Good post !!
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