On Practicing Presentation

Practicing the technical side of music, getting the movements down with our instruments and phrasing passages perfectly among other things, is considered the highest priority for a musician. That is what our hours in the practice room consist of.

If we get the technical side down then performance should come easily. We are confident in our movements and phrasing then we should just be able to permeate confidence and likability, right?

Let’s think of punk for a second. Most of these guys didn’t spend hours in a practice room working on their bar chords. Most of the time they celebrated their lack of virtuosity. What they did have, however, was an infectious charisma and stage presence that complimented the gun ho music they presented.

Audiences were comfortable with them, comfortable enough to let go of their inhibitions and go wild, yelling lyrics back and participating in friendly moshing. It wasn’t their technical virtuosity that kept the audience. It was their attitude which bled into the music and their shows.

Why don’t we spend equal attention on how we present ourselves? On walking onto the stage? On learning how to make mistakes? On keeping composure? On looking like you’re having a good time rather than having a stick up ass? On finding that very balance? On acknowledging and accepting applause?

People listen with their eyes too. It’s something that one should acknowledge as being a performer. So what are you going to do about it?


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