Love Letter to Music

As much as Valentine’s Day is a celebration of loved ones, we also can’t forget to cherish the things that grant us sincere happiness, that make our lives complete.

For many of us, musicians and listeners, music does all of those things. Don’t forget to be especially thankful today for music to grace our lives.

That is all I have because I can’t a better an ode to music than Franz von Schober’s “An Die Musik”, set to lieder by Franz Schubert. The translation is below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You lovely art, in how many grey hours,
When life’s mad whirl beset me,

Have you kindled my heart to warm love,
Have you transported me into a better world,
Transported into a better world!

Often has a sigh flowing out from your harp,
A sweet, divine harmony from you

Unlocked to me the heaven of better times,
You lovely Art, I thank you for it!!
You lovely art, I thank you!


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