Faith in the Listener

Often times we take a rather bleak view of the reception of classical music. We think that most view classical music as the old curmudgeon or the ugly and uncool stepchild that nobody would want to be caught near. It’s all put on the listener. Whether they know it or not it’s their fault.

Perhaps more faith is needed in the listener.

People can surprise you. I’ve played Baroque music for progressive rockers who loved it. They were more responsive to it than some classical concert goers. My initial thought, however, was that these guys will hate it and dismiss it as old beyond repair.

This faith, then, rests on the openness of the listener: that people generally want to hear something fresh and are receptive to it. The beauty of this is that classical music can be just as fresh to ears as electronica if one is not accustomed to it.

We believe in the music we play. Now we need to believe in those who listen to us play.

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