Two steps forward…

three steps back, four steps forward, one step back…

Sometimes being a musician can feel like being Sisyphus, rolling that boulder up the hill. As soon as we think we’re close to the top the boulder rolls down and us with it, chasing our hopes and dreams to bring them up the hill once again.

In the moment it can be frustrating and demoralizing, I think we all can attest to that.

With that being said, I think development and improvement in a craft, especially one like music, is non-linear. There are ups and downs and zigs and zags. It’s so difficult to realize this when we’re in the midst of the torrent, feeling like we’re getting worse after thinking we were improving moments before.

We always hear that it takes time to develop. I think that’s true, but sometimes we forget that it isn’t just a steady meteoric rise to virtuosity. Even with the difficulties of Winter, however, Spring is always around the corner. We can’t forget that.


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