Realities of Music

Italo Calvino writes about the many realities of literature. What about music? Perhaps it could be something along these lines…

The Composer (as historical, the sum of all work, etc.)

V ^

The Composer of…(as composer of specific piece, state of person at time of writing, etc.)

V ^

The Piece (as historical, what’s on the page)

V ^

“The Piece” (as the specific emotions/story/origins/meaning entail of the historical work)

V ^

The Performer (as whole, the sum of all her musicianship, personal history, etc.)

V ^

The Performer of…(as the specific musicianship entails of The Piece/”The Piece”)

And we haven’t even talked about the listener! Who knows if this is even correct. That doesn’t matter. I think what matters is that we should think deeply about the many realities which music entails and how it can affect how we perform, how we organize, how we create.


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