A Bigger, Better Cage

Taking a song or a movement from a larger work can seem like taking an animal away from its pack in the wild and sticking it into a cage for our entertainment in the aural zoos we’ve constructed.

This is an argument that has reared its head since the inception of mp3’s. The arguably loose threads holding works together can now be taken apart at the click of a mouse. And perhaps we can’t avoid the caging up of music and the separation of songs from albums. Then again, it’s what we’ve always done. Even an LP library or a recital…

Wild life preservations enclose animals yet give them as much freedom as possible within a larger frame. They are given the necessaries and protection needed to thrive. It avoids the crummy claustrophobia of the zoo.

What is the wild life preservation of music? Is there a way to separate music from the wild yet preserve its dignity (while perhaps trying to keep the packs together)? Can we be better preservers?


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