Please Recycle

Author David J. Pollay writes about a precept he calls the Law of the Garbage Truck. Each one of us carries around a lot of garbage, negativity and bad vibes, accumulated over time. Sooner or later we vent our frustrations on somebody through yelling or complaining or venting. That is how we dump our trash from our garbage trucks.

Within music this is all too common. Everyone involved in music carries around garbage which grows and grows. Sooner or later its let go when band mates blow up at each other, the clarinet section vents about how the first chair is such a bitch, or the event organizers complain about how the local music scene isn’t what it used to be.

While this emotional dumping appears to be releasing steam, it actually fills other people’s garbage trucks instead. Soon enough though, you have new things to complain about: people explode and bitch in your face. Garbage comes in from everywhere.

So what do we do with it? Tina Roth once said that if she finds herself complaining she either a) does something about it or b) lets it go. As music people that is what we should be doing. Not so much spewing garbage but cultivating good out of negative situations.

Maybe that first chair is a nice person if you actually tried to get to know her and understand where she’s coming from. Maybe after all that she is still a bitch. But then, and this is the most important part, that is where you let it go, not bringing it up ever again. If anything you speak well of her. You benefit, she benefits, everyone benefits.

Don’t throw your trash in the garbage truck, please recycle!


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