The Gigs and Flyers System

Mike Watt, bassist of Minutemen, explained how the band viewed the world as falling under two categories: gigs or flyers.

The end goal was the gig. Flyers helped people get to the gig. It wasn’t limited to what we think of as flyers either. Interviews, zines, reviews, networking, recordings, and even recordings were flyers. All were meant to get people interested enough to come to a Minutemen show.

What Watt describes is a circular chain: put out flyers to get people to the gig to put out more flyers for the next gig to play that gig to put out flyers to…

And the great thing about the system is that it doesn’t have to be a literal gig we’re working towards. Maybe it’s a monthly open mic night you’re organizing. Maybe it’s a music zine you’re putting together. Who says it has to be tangible? Maybe it’s raising awareness of classical music to teens.

Whatever the gig and flyers may be, it seems to me that the important thing is keeping the circle going. Flyers to Gig to Flyers to Gig to Flyers…


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