The Insider

“Isn’t being an outsider sooo 2014? I mean, maybe it’s time to throw caution to the wind, really shake things up, and reinvent yourself as a new version of your most dreaded enemy – the insider”.

That was from John Waters’ 2015 commencement speech at RISD.

Music is associated with being the bastion for the outsider. Misunderstood youths find an outlet of expression at the hardcore show. Tight nit communities form under the veil of the outsider. But the issue is that these communities can be too tightly nit, almost to the point of constriction. The same musical ideas are being thrown around, everyone is listening to the same stuff, and if anything strays even slightly from the established quo then forget it. Enter the outsider insider. A strange paradox indeed.

This is where Waters’ comment comes in. There needs to be a new version of the musical insider: an insider of music in all it has to offer. She is one who absorbs different musical situations, one who organizes events where Bach and bluegrass can coexist on the same evening, one who brings metalheads and hip hop fanatics together to talk about music, one who goes out of her way to see the listener and performer’s side of the Spotify debate, one who plays classical violin on bills with indie acoustic artists.

If that means being square because you like Lady Gaga along with Schubert then so be it. Lets make everyone fit in then!


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