Music is Political

Music is closely knit to the political. Revolutionary sentiments can be expressed in the most straightforward and poetic way in song. Music can serve as an anthem for the proletariat, the people, what have you.

And yet the political is more often than not associated with the lyrics. If we think of the whole process of governing as made of action (legislative, executive, etc.), why can’t the very act of making music be a political act?

Systems of music making could be looked at in a whole new light. What of the solo structure of jazz for instance? The rhythm section is relegated to keep harmony and time while a soloist shines in the spotlight. What if we wanted to break free of the tyranny of these roles? How about no governing body? Anarchy you say? Yes. Enter free improvisation, where the musicians are choosing to listen and respond to the others as well as disregard them as they please.

Politics could be seen as a metaphor for music. What interesting questions could arise if we looked at music in this manner?


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