“It’s Not About Killing People”: Thinking in Opposite

“As soon as you tell people in the game industry it’s not about killing people, they’re like, ‘What are you going to do?’ A lot of other stuff. So people were stressing while I wasn’t.”

That’s Patrice Désilets, the mind behind Assassin’s Creed, on trying to create an action adventure game that doesn’t involve killing people.

Like the game industry, music has certain things that just seem standard: Paying for music. Then someone thinks the opposite: what if you didn’t have to pay for music? Napster comes along. Youtube comes along. Spotify comes along. The whole landscape changes.

Okay, so in this world where music is free, what if we focused primarily on the personal interaction? Concerts, merch, all of which they can’t get through Youtube, is a big staple in local scenes. Bands realize the landscape has changed and they go with it. But soon enough someone will challenge this and do something completely opposite: something they can only get online that they will gladly pay for. The paradigm shifts again.

The bigs shifts are when people are courageous enough to not make another game about killing people. We need to shift to the other extreme and see where it leads. Like Désilets says, there’s a lot of other stuff besides killing people just like there’s a lot of other options besides paying for music.


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