DIY is a definitive grassroots ethos in music making today. It has spans many bands, scenes, venues, zines, music, places, and people. The idea of doing it yourself is appealing and many take a part in their own way.

So appealing that people just do it. The DI of DIY is there, more so than anything. Shows are organized and bands perform, scenes are created and local color flourishes. With all this noise there is one thing that can often be drowned out:

The Y of DIY.

Why organize these shows in the first place? Why do it yourself? Why not have somebody else do it? Why have a local music scene? Why have just about anyone play at your shows? Why run a zine?

The why is the wind in the sails of any endeavor. It needs to be discussed, argued, developed, and nurtured.

In his poem Jerusalem, William Blake declares, “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans”. If we create a system that has no why, we might as well be enslaved by aimlessness.


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