V8’s to Conservate: How We Push Classical Music to a Younger Audience

There’s two ways I’ve noticed of trying to make classical music appeal to the younger crowd. One way is like V8 fruit juice, hiding it in the general stream. One could put a hip hop beat with lyrics over a string quartet. Listeners will think its hip hop and be interested. Like with the vegetables in V8, they’ll later realize it’s also classical music they’re digesting too.

Another way is like a conservation for an endangered species. Classical music is presented in a nurturing and protected environment. Without any interference, a love and appreciation of the music grows that will be instilled over generations. Conservatories come to mind, breeding new classical musicians who go on to teach the newer classical musicians: a seemingly infinite and closed loop.

Classical music is portrayed either as vegetables or as an endangered species: something that people hate and have to sprinkle sugar on top to stand or something that will die off if left to fend for itself.

What’s imperative here is that the way we try to promote music and how we portray it are linked.

Now, if we thought of classical music not as a damsel in distress but as just good music, seething with humanity…how would we share that to a younger audience?


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