Declaration of Thought and Action

Once the Declaration of Independence was signed, the real work began. Signing this document meant you not only agreed to its statutes but that you were willing to give up everything for what it meant: family, property, your own life. Some of the signers did lose everything, but in the end they stuck with the Declaration and in honor of that we binge drink and juggle firecrackers.

This document and its signers are the synchronicity between thought and action. The Founding Fathers not only took the logical steps to make an argument for justifying revolution against their government but also literal steps, fighting tooth and nail for this revolution.

Music can get hypothetical. We think of great ideas: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an open mic every month?”, “I would love to collaborate, we should do a split EP!”. Yeah…and then nothing comes of it. No action.

Like the Founding Fathers, we need to back up our talk. When wishful thinking is the norm, the people that actually do something, that start a monthly open mic or create that split EP, matter.


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