Out of Place

Getting younger audiences to concerts is one of the problems classical music has these days. To dig a little deeper, the heart of the matter is getting a younger audience for classical music. The beginnings of creating an audience usually entail hearing the music first. And if the younger crowd usually refrains from listening to classical music in the first place, how will classical music develop a younger audience?

So why not bring the music to them?

Does that entail forcing it down their throats? Yes.

Playing at an open mic, getting the string quartet to be on bill at a house show, giving a Beethoven mixtape to a friend whose mostly into post rock, creating a zine dedicated to classical music and spreading it all through your town.

If it seems out of place then it’s a step in the right direction.

Because keeping classical music in its place, concert halls and wineries and weddings, doesn’t cut it. If we’re to reach a younger audience, getting classical music out of its place is mission critical.


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