Crossing the Threshold

There is a difference between thinking something is beautiful and loving it.

We ask someone how the recital was that she went to. “Oh, it was beautiful!” she exclaims. Now, will she even bother to dig for further insight let alone remember what she heard a week from then? Probably not. It’s not that she didn’t think it was great music: she enjoyed it. She just didn’t care enough for the music to keep it with her.

This isn’t an anomaly. It happens to listeners at every classical music concert. The music touches the surface and doesn’t go any farther. Yet thankfully it isn’t an every case scenario, otherwise we wouldn’t be playing this music in the first place.

But if our goal is to make listeners cross this threshold and love classical music, perhaps this divide has to be examined further.

What keeps someone from just admiring classical music from afar? What made you start loving it in the first place? Do you know someone who doesn’t care about classical music? Why don’t they?

Many questions to ask…

  1. I’ve been playing and studying classical music for practically my whole life. In fact, I grew up in a very musical household. But I never really “got” it until about a year ago when I discovered that music tells stories. It contains characters and events just like any novel, and when I started to listen to it that way I got much more into it. Sometimes I hear general and sometimes specific stories, but overall I’ve really been enjoying it!


    • cjeller said:

      That’s a great point. Creating the story and characters for yourself ties to developing a personal relationship with the music. That’s SO crucial. It’s how we got to love the music we do.

      Yet there is some disconnect with classical music that prevents a relationship from forming. That’s what I’m curious about.

      And thanks for taking the time to read and share your experiences! Started reading your blog and I love the Cage article. I’m curious of what’s to come next!


      • Thank you so much! I hope to explore these kind of questions and hopefully find some answers!


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