One (Hundred) True Sentence(s)

Haydn wrote one hundred and four symphonies.

Mahler finished only nine.

Mahler’s symphonies are outstanding and so are Haydn’s. It doesn’t take away from Mahler that he wrote less than Haydn.

If that were the case then Nirvana’s impact would be little to none with only three studio albums in their existence. They would diminish under the shadow of, say, David Bowie’s twenty six studio albums (and counting). But thankfully that isn’t the case.

There are discrepancies in quantity but they do not affect quality.

“All you have to write is one true sentence. The truest sentence that you know”. But Hemingway never added that some go on to write true paragraphs and true chapters and true books. Yet what brings the sentence and the book together is truth.

That is what we’re going for in music, whether it’s one song or twenty six albums, one movement or one hundred and four symphonies.


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