Lyrical Metamorphosis

There is a precedence of lyrics being the reason for liking a certain artist or a song. What this musician has to say is so pure and so true that it resonates with his audience.

Yet there are moments where the words and their meaning are lost…

A song in a foreign language.

A concert where the instruments are so loud that the words being sung are indistinguishable.

And sometimes you love that song in Portuguese or that noisy concert. Yet understanding the lyrics have no say in the matter. Vocals become melodic, part of the overall texture. Something we thought was critical is thrown aside.

In this distortion, music can be transformed into purely instrumental and absolute music. There are lyrics, yes, but in the reality of the listening situation the vocals might as well be a wind instrument.

Any kind of theorizing about what the song means is like mulling over what Beethoven’s 5th represents.


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