An Enthusiasm Beyond Entertainment

Let’s be honest, music is entertaining. If it wasn’t, nobody would be listening to it, let alone performing it.

That’s not the issue. The issue is when music is treated solely as entertainment. In this sense it is a diversion: something nice to listen to on a Friday night but otherwise superfluous.

Though we know that is not true. Music is an important art form. While fun it mainly enriches our passion and intellect. For many it makes life worth living. Are we promoting this quality of music when we present it in performance?

Or are we promoting any quality at all? Just letting the music all hang out. No wonder some people don’t bother to go to shows or actually buy music. If we treat show music as just a cheap thrill then others will think of it that way too.

Maybe if we go out of our way to share music in a way that is in line with why we play it…

Tina Roth once said that confidence is impressive but enthusiasm is contagious. A projected and focused enthusiasm for the good music can bring: perhaps that’s just what we need.


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