Not All Listening Is Equal

When we say we’re pushing to get more young adults to listen to classical music, what kind of listening do we mean?

I don’t think we mean listening to classical music on a car commercial or distractedly while sorting through twenty windows on a computer or . Even if that’d be fine, we most likely mean for people to listen to classical music in a live setting with an undivided and passionate attention.

When we ask a friend to listen to an album, what kind of listening do we mean?

I don’t think it is listening to the album in the background while at a loud and bustling party. We most likely mean for the person to listen to it with the least distractions possible, preferably in the car or by herself.

With music infiltrating all aspects of our lives, defining what it is to listen isn’t as clear cut as it was before recordings. Then people could only listen it performed. Now, on top of live performance, music is recorded and listened to on the radio, internet, television, and in shopping malls and restaurants.

In this kind of world, we have to realize that not all listening is equal.


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