Close to the Source

When you listen to music made by a real close friend, there is this sort of artisanal essence that comes out. If you know them well enough you’ve seen and heard and talked about their artistic process. You know how many hours went into her learning to play guitar and finding her own songwriting style.

In short, the hard earned source of this music is deeply familiar to you and that adds to the enjoyment of it.

Music is artisanal in the sense that it is a craft. Craft takes years and years of apprenticeship and practice before meaningful work is created. While technology has aided music making, the traditions of teaching and learning music go back hundreds of years. In these ways musicians are like craftsmen. Even more so, musicians are part of a global guild whose benefits are open to all.

Artisanal products today are on the fringes. The majority of tomatoes sold are not coming from a five acre farm in the middle of Italy. Yet the majority of music, I’d argue, comes from a source that is artisanal.


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