Redwood trees grow in a marvelous way. A Redwood’s roots extend out to the roots of other Redwoods. In this process the roots intertwine and with time form a vast network as the trees grow.

Music can be made of the short term: one-off gigs, one-off venues, one-off opportunities, one-off collaborations, one-off relationships, one-off bands, one-off recordings, one-off cities, one-off songs. Some of these exist for good reason. One cannot exclusively play at the same bar over and over again and expect enough clout from that to play overseas. One cannot learn exclusively from his beginner guitar teacher if he wants to play at a higher caliber.

We establish our roots and pull them out just as quickly to put in what we consider to be better soil at the time.

There is something to be said, however, with the persistence to stick with the soil you are in; to expand those roots. Soon enough in this growth your roots will run into others who have made the same decision. This is where the intertwining occurs. But you will expand anyways and other roots will weave in with yours and an expansive arabesque of connections will occur.

This is how legendary collaborations like those of Brian Eno and David Bowie form and blossom. They did not do a one off record but established roots with working over an extended period of time: three years on three albums. Music scenes are rooted too, going for long term venues and bands that feed off one another to create something bigger than themselves.

When we continue to grow roots and intertwine them with as many others as we can, as a forest we rise together.


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