Band of Thieves

Honor among thieves is a premise that Plato was curious about. In The Republic he noticed how a band of thieves uses just principles like honor for unjust means like theft. Even if there is cohesion within the group, what the group does is of no benefit to the greater whole.

In music there is camaraderie and fellow feeling like none other. Sometimes certain groups of people, like those who play a certain instrument, will band together. And yet this group will, through virtue of its unity, shut out other people who play another instrument or think a different way. People of certain genres or places could do this also, even with others like listeners. All of the community that a group of musical folks can muster is fine, but the problem is when this comes at a deficit to other people.

Could a more conscientious view of the musical community writ large be a means of combating this destructive insulation? Could being inclusive and thoughtful of others give music a more universal impact rather than a marginal one?

It would not hurt to try and find out.




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