The Community Claimant

John Kaler describes two types of stakeholders (those who can affect or be affected by an organization’s objectives). There are Influencer stakeholders and Claimant stakeholders. The second is of particular value.

Claimant stakeholders are those who “have some kind of claim on the services of the organization”.

Taking Kaler’s typology, Linda Essig describes the claimant stakeholders of art incubators. She breaks down the claimant stakeholders into two further categories.

One kind of claimant stakeholder of an art incubator is the artist: “Broadly construed, the primary objective of such incubators is to support artists and art making. In such cases, claimant stakeholder and client are the same”.

Like with Kaler, the latter type will be of interest to this writer. The latter type has to deal with the community as a whole being the claimant:

“However, objectives to ‘nurture the growth of the business of art in our town (Carizzozo Works 2013) or ‘plan for, build, develop, foster, and nurture a creative economy in the City of Stone Mountain, Georgia’ (Stone Mountain Arts Incubator 2013) do not target individual artists. Rather, the community is the target of the organization’s objective and therefore its chief claimant stakeholder, although individual artists or arts enterprises may be the incubator clients. Arts incubation, in these instances, is a means toward community development rather than an end in itself”.

In creating a network for artists to collaborate and create, the community wins. Any thriving music scene is a testimony to this: it is the claimant stakeholder. Those within that musical sphere create networks of incubation be it bands, venues, zines, open mics, or whatever else.

As these avenues give a chance for musicians and music related persons to thrive, the community feeds off of this relationship. For one, people start becoming more interested in what is going on in that community and they too want to contribute to its growth.

If we replace ‘art incubators’ with ‘music’, one of the key claimant stakeholders of music is the community. To always keep that in mind as we nurture our craft, lest we create sounds in a bubble…


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