The In-Between: Bach’s Lesson of Getting to Music

The in-between is where the magic happens.

It is where a lot of us live when we are trying to listen to music in the first place. How we get to the music is as, if not more, important than the music itself.

Bach wrote many musical miniatures called puzzle canons. They are sprinkled through his work: from prominent display in the Musical Offering to being tucked in the last page of his manuscript of the Goldberg Variations. 

If only taken as music, Bach’s puzzle canons run into a peculiar wall. It is like hanging a completed crossword puzzle for all to see. Something in-between the empty blocks and the solution that is missing from us. This is what I wanted to explore with Bach’s puzzle canons.

 What can Bach teach us of the in-between? The fruits of this inquiry are available for your perusal (here).



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