Playing with your Food: Awareness of Utensils

The appreciation of music would not happen without technology. Most of our experiences with music are mediated by a device of some sort.

This is taken at a subconscious level. We sometimes ignore that an intermediary action happens before we engage with the music. The gravitas of it easily slips away in the face of everyday use. Youtube and Spotify are the forks and knives of musical consumption. One gets to the point where she concerns herself with the food more than the utensils. It becomes a priority of musical object over the system that lets one listen in the first place.

Maybe a goal of music appreciation classes should be awareness of these systems. Because at some point we were fully aware of our forks and knives. We had to experiment and play to understand. Then they became second nature.

The question would then become how we can become conscious of these musical systems (Internet, Spotify, Itunes, etc.) again through experimentation and play.


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